Class trip to Edinburgh (Scotland)

Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, offers different opportunities. Numerous museums and hills attract many tourists – as well the English course by Mrs Ayachi. Also accompanied by Mr Richter, we started our journey in a mood of anticipation and excitement. After the train ride to Bremen, the flight to the airport of Edinburgh and the terminal bus ride, we tiredly arrived at the Budget Backpackers Hostel, where we stayed during our habitation.

The next days we worked off our composed plans, which included for example the visitation of the well-known Royal Mile with the impressive Castle of Edinburgh and the St. Giles’ Cathedral. After that, we became quite sporty by climbing the Arthur’s Seat. All efforts were definitely worth the amazing view. Proud and refreshed by the wind on the top of the mountain we enjoyed our stay with a little selfie and photo session, which heralded the start of the numerous group photos, taken by our personal photographer Mr Richter (concerning this matter a big thanks).

Furthermore we caught up on the history of Scotland in the National Museum, the Mary King’s Close and Craigmillar Castle. Those who were interested in art could enjoy the great paintings in the National Gallery – obviously, like the National Museum, of Scotland as well.

We usually spent our free and leisure time in smaller groups by relaxing in the Princes Street Gardens or other beautiful parks including mouth-watering meal deal picnics sponsored by our favorite food store Sainsbury’s, shopping in Scottish shops, scrounging the best WIFI connections in gratuitous museums and exhibitions or getting into contact with our personal limit (insider information ;-)).

The diversity of our program was also reflected in different evening activities. For example we had a copious promenade, touched Bobby’s nose, enjoyed the puppets of the “Avenue Q” in the King’s Theatre or admired the sunset and night lights at Calton Hill. Inspite of everything, the absolute highlight of the whole trip was the attendance of Prince Charles, the Duke of Rothesay, during our stay on Wednesday, 11th May to attend the Kirking of the Scottish Parliament at St. Giles’ Cathedral. Filled with enthusiasm some of us joined the great event to take the best shots of Charles in his blue suit waving his hand as a proof of authenticity.

By concluding our wonderful class trip to Edinburgh there are only few things left to say: Our expectations were definitely fulfilled, our mobiles and cameras exploded by a multiplicity of breathtaking photos and selfies, which could not have been taken alone, that Mr Richter should trade in his profession as a teacher for starting a professional photographer career and last but not least: Läuft bei uns!